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«The Shampa philosophy: the art of mixing festivity with elegance»

The Shampa event agency, created in 2021 by Amélie, Wedding Planner and certified Event Manager, was designed to celebrate your events and above all to make you live magical moments that you will remember for the rest of your life. Originally from the Champagne region of France, Amélie has fallen under the spell of the French Riviera where she has been living for the past 5 years. It is around these three totally diversified universes that she has built her project, revealing her identity and also the beauty of France.

The vocation of Wedding Planner was for her a real evidence. Her essence: the dazzling of a fairy tale wedding, the magic of a firework display, a grandiose venue, the emotion of a ceremony, a surprise birthday or the romance of a marriage proposal.

A true enthusiast, her investment and determination to succeed are limitless. It is thanks to her extreme perfectionism and her great imagination that she will produce the event of your dreams at your side. Her leadership, her composure and her rigor make the good progress of each project. 

"I need my life to be in constant motion, for no two days to be the same and most of all for it to have meaning and nothing makes more sense to me than to stage the happiest day of a life, to bring people together and bring about intense moments of happiness and engrave wonderful memories."

Our values

Our values

French Riviera


Our splendid French Riviera, one of the most popular regions in the world due to its variation of landscapes between the Mediterranean and the mountains and its sunny climate offers immense possibilities. Celebrate your wedding on a beach, in a vineyard, a castle, a villa, a sumptuous hotel with a breathtaking view, a Provencal farmhouse or even a mountain chalet, all the assets are there to host the event of your dreams.



The romance of Paris has been proven. Paris doesn't just offer a setting, it offers you an atmosphere, a love story. The capital of French chic and refinement with its architectural beauty, its gastronomy and its haute couture will give good taste and elegance to your wedding. Classic period venues or trendy unusual, services at the forefront of the latest trends, the customization is infinite to personalize your event. We can never say it enough, Paris is magic!



If you are more interested in wide open spaces and country elegance, the Champagne region, with its valleys, forests, rivers, and vineyards as far as the eye can see, will be the perfect setting. Wine estates producing champagnes, farms, mansions or castles, the bucolic charm will invade your event of conviviality.

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